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Rated "Top 100 Marketing Agency," We help business large and small become and continue to grow as fortune 500 companies!

Why Klass A?

Research & Innovation

We analyze your business then research your competitors to find the right opportunities to promote your business to potential clients by using world class technology.

Brand Awareness

We provide our signature, Brand Audit & Analysis® designed to explore the areas where your business can improve. A dedicated strategist then creates a dynamic plan of action proven to ensure results.

Exponential Growth

Our methods are designed to promote long term results. Our goal is to keep your brand relevant and ensure that your customers think of your brand when seeking the product or service you provide!

Rejuvenate Your Strategy

A Simple Motto

If customers cannot find your product or service, it simply does not exist, or does it? A simple motto, "konnecting clients world-wide," we konnect clients with the best global marketing solutions available.

Proven Process

We deliver expert advice based on research, data and market analysis. We then create a plan of action designed exclusively for your brand. Our clients then choose their desired level of results. 

Don't Worry, Stay Relevant

We help your brand stay relevant by implementing powerful marketing strategies, proven to transform any organization large or small, yet cost effective enough to build long term results.


"I lost my job but I knew my way around the kitchen well. Cooking had always been my passion. Klass A Konnections created a business plan that changed my life. The Strategic Marketing & Branding Blue Print® took my business from my kitchen to the many restaurant locations that now include downtown New York."  Mark S, Dunwoody, Ga

Illuminate Product Awareness

Award-Winning Expert Advice

Our business and management consultants are ready to help you stay competitive by analyzing your business goals and creating comprehensive branding solutions and strategic marketing plans.

Research & Growth Development

Research is the primary tool we use to develop comprehensive solutions that drive sales, improve products and  complement our aggressive marketing plans. 

Planning & Strategy Implementation

Excellent communicators, we listen, gather, and then deliver a complete comprehensive analysis of your business that allow us to create & implement bullet proof strategies.

Learn Why Our Clients love Us

Brand Your Authenticity

Passionately Inspire Your Team

Promote your business and experience growth and team success with our Business Growth and Development Services designed for starters or professionals.

Lead & Promote Your Brand

Our Strategic Marketing & Branding Solutions are customized and include a creative business marketing plan guaranteed to attract a global audience.

Effectively Cultivate Your Product

Our Event Management services can help engage your current clients with innovative marketing solutions that create awareness and attract brand loyalty.

Aggressively Dominate Your Industry

Our Creative Branding Strategist design and implement effective business marketing plans that "Konnect" your brand to your target audience. 


 "I didn't have money to start my business and I really needed a new job when I was referred to a position at Klass A Konnections, LLC. There I met Kenyatta who encouraged & inspired me to start my boutique. Over three hundred clients later, I highly recommend this firm."  Shonquinetta H, Rosewell, Ga

Experience Dynamic Results

"A Spark of Fire Ignites A Revolution of Flames, The Power of Marketing"

Kenyatta, Chief Marketing Director


Klass A Konnections LLC has one main priority, which is to provide the best Strategic Growth Solutions for companies world-wide. Our exclusive marketing platform has helped provide thousands with the competitive advantage. We ensure our clients attract local and global audiences and experience real results!

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