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Rejuvenate Your Brand

A Simple Motto

If customers search and can not find your product or service, it simply does not exist, or does it? Our motto is simple, We "konnect" clients world-wide. Simply put, our consultants deliver strategic marketing solutions through innovative technology, specialized creativity and a powerful marketing engine to help customers find your brand globally. 

Realistic Solutions

Are your customers raving about your product or frustrated by the service they received? Do you find it challenging to stay relevent in your industry due to lack of innovation? Our unique approach offers "Effective" solutions and "Specific" advice proven to enhance your brand's mission and compliment it's style?

Don't Worry, Stay Relevent!

We help your brand stay relevant by focusing on the solutions that your company will need in the future, and dive into implementing them now. Our strategies promote dynamic solutions, powerful enough to transform any organization, yet, cost efficient enough for any company, large or small. We transform companies from the inside out with a powerful combination of advice and competitive products.  

Optimize Marketing Strategies

Brand Audit & Analysis

We Collect - Examine - Review & Report

Market & Growth Opportunity

We Research -Track - Develop & Improve

Plan Implementation & Strategy

We Consult- Purchase- Design & Automate


"I lost my job but I knew my way around the kitchen well. Cooking had always been my passion. Klass A Konnections help me create a plan that changed my life. The power or strategic marketing took my business from my kitchen to my restaurant downtown New York."  Mark S, Dunwoody, Ga

Illuminate Brand Awareness

Award-Winning Expert Advice

Our Professional Business Consultants use a direct approach, flawless deliverance and original marketing content, customized for our clients, and exclusive to our brand. Excellent at communicating, we listen, gather and then deliver a comprehensive analysis of your business. 

Research & Growth Development

Research is the primary tool we use to develop comprehensive solutions that drive sales, improve products and compliment our aggressive marketing plans. Our growth strategies are simple to understand, yet solid enough to tackle any complex business goal.

Planning & Strategy Implementation

Companies need a global presence that is bold enough to promote strong core values, diverse leadership and direct customer engagement. Our strategic plans include fundamental marketing principals to ensure the success of our clients.

Attract Local & Global Audiences

Professional Design & Organization

Our professional designers recognize the importance of staying organized and are committed to organizing your business and cultivating a better work environment. Let us manage the details while you focus on what matter most-Expanding Your Brand

Event Planning and Management

Considering hosting a networking event or company anniversary, let us create a magical experience for your guest that they will always remember. We plan events to captivate your audience and ensure the music, food and entertainment are as impressive as the people and company they represent. 

Authentic Partnerships Worldwide

We partner with professionals world-wide to ensure our brand maintains the highest standard of excellence and provide our clients with the absolute best product and/or service.This ensures our consultants stay focused on the goal of delivering Results!

We Welcome New Partners & Innovators

Captivate Your Authenticity

Passionately Inspire Your Team

In an ever changing economy, having a dedicated team is important as you face the challenging uncertainties of today's reality. Learn how to inspire the moments that promote success. 

Lead & Promote Your Brand

Did You know that simple adjustments can ensure brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. We develop strategies gauranteed to engage your audience.

Effectively Cultivate Your Product

Why hire Klass A Konnections LLC? The answer is clear if you desire to grow your business. Our business development strategies offer proven solutions for your business challenges .

Aggressively Dominate Your Industry

Marketing Strategies are only effective if they "Konnect" your brand to your target audience. Our solutions ensure your brand Stands Out with a clear message that is easy for your customer to understand. 


 "I didn't have money to start a business and I was really seeking a new job. I was referred to a position at Klass A Konnections, LLC and met Kenyatta. Her encouragement gave me the confidence to start my boutique. More than three hundred clients later, I highly recommend this firm."  Shonquinetta H, Rosewell, Ga

Experience Powerful Results

"A Spark of Fire Ignites A Revolution of Flames-Power of Marketing"

                                                          Kenyatta C, Marketing Director

Klass A Konnections LLC has one main priority; to provide Strategic Growth Solutions for companies world-wide. Exclusively awarded the "2017 Best of Atlanta Award" in Business Management Consulting, we take pride in leading the Strategic Growth and Development industry and sincerely appreciate your business.

Gain Inspiration

If fresh ideas and a new perspective on growth excite you, then let us guide you to the future with revolutionary development and branding. Sign up and join hundreds who have already experienced results with our creative strategies in business development.