Frequently Asked Questions


What are our main publications?

Klass A Konnections LLC publishes articles, business content, marketing material and educational resources on a wide array of platforms, and the great vast majority of main content is available here on This includes articles, white papers and reports.This site is also the future home of Quarterly Konnections, which will be a global resource for businesses world-wide.

Can I distribute or reprint Klass A Konnections LLC publications?

Our guest visitors at have our permission to download and print PDF copies of our content and  publications for educational, informational, business and personal purposes.To request permission, on behalf of academic institutions, to reprint or distribute content on, permission may be requested through Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), so please visit All other corporations and non academic organizations may request permission by writing to Once your request is received, allow three to five weeks for our staff to review and reply to your request. The use of our content for promotional, sales or marketing purposes is strictly prohibited. We are not responsible for the illegal reproduction of our content and we do not provide any customized reprints for any reasons.

Does Klass A Konnections LLC accept article submissions?

Most of our articles and content material are written by Klass A Professional Business Consultants, affiliated independent consultants, staff personnel, distinguished alumni or our selected interns. Although we do accept external submissions, you can contact our publishing department. To determine whether Klass A Konnections LLC may consider publishing your work, please email us at We will review all proposals, drafts and publications.If your content meets our standards, a personnel from our publications department will contact you.

How do I sign up for email newsletters and alerts?

The resourceful content,which includes business growth and marketing material, are provided in the form of email newsletters and alerts. Providing this information allows to update and inform our clients and members about our latest products, services and marketing material.To receive our most current updates, please register and select that you would like to receive our newsletters, updates and alerts. 

How do I unsubscribe from email newsletters and alerts?

Please select edit preferences, change your email preferences or unsubscribe from any email that you receive from Klass A konnections LLC. in order to be removed from our email subscriptions.This change is available at the bottom of each newsletter, update or alert or  feel free to email for questions or concerns.

How is my personal information protected?

We take privacy very serious at Klass A Konnections LLC. Please use this link Privacy Matters to download a copy of our Privacy Policy.