Expert Team Of World-Class Leaders

Professional Business Development Consultants

Executive Business Analyst


Kimberly Spade, Atlanta, Georgia

-Executive Business Managment Consultant/Expert Strategist

Chief Marketing Director


Kenyatta Danielle- Partner-Atlanta, Georgia

-Executive Business Management/Creative Branding Strategist-

Business Development Strategist


Robert Manley-Partner-New York, New York

-Business Development Consultant/Sales Coordinator-

Executive Sales Manager


Amelia Jones-Partner-Norwich, London

-Sales Implementation Strategist-

Senior HR Coordinator


Danielle Streeter-Partner-Atlanta, Georgia

-Business Management Consultant-

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Make 2019 "A Year of Business Growth!" Join a team of leaders with a reputable agency. Gain consitent leads,  valuable 'konnections,' a dedicated creative strategist and a personal business coach. Take your business to the next level by partnering with the best.

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